DyoCense is ready for shipping

Our innovative #iiot edge for #smartfactories is ready for shipping to customers. Our device is having below capabilities to measure from any machine:

1.Availability, Downtimes, Quality

2. Provides job, shift, location wise #visualanalytics

3. Sends predictive push notifications through a dyocense mobile app ( machine downtimes, job wise low #oeeetc)

4. Serial and parallel order scheduling capabilities

5. TAKT time for orders

6. Many more.

Visit www.dyocense.com for more details.

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Dyocense IIOT App For Machine Monitoring

Advance towards the vision of the Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 with dyoCense softwaresolutions.

And we did it, We made a way to keep you update with your factory stuff, with our brand new Dyocense  mobile app. Install it and predict problems before they cause downtime!!!  


 Do you want to take advantages of Industry 4.0?

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