What’s new in dyoCense

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What’s new in dyoCense

Hour and Shift based dashboard for individual assembly lines.
This awesome new view gives you an insight on the progress of a job or line for each hour of a shift. It helps the floor manager to take necessary actions, on-time to make the production to run smooth. The real time progress bar directly indicates the performance of a line/machine.
List and Grid view for production status
The screen is designed with both list view and grid view. User can choose the best view suitable for the type of display used in the floor/office.
Planned downtime (experimental feature)
You may now configure a downtime reason as a planned one or not. Also the admin will be able to choose whether to include/exclude planned downtime in OEE calculations.
Heart beat -output configuration
We can now configure a pin in the dyoEdge device to send frequent heart beat message to a machine or PLC or third party monitoring device to let them know about the running status of edge device.
Browser based push notifications
Important activities such as job start, stop, breakdown etc are informed as a pop up message in the desktop.
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