DyoCense will allow you to get real-time visibility of the locations of your mobile and fixed business assets

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DyoCense -
IoT Asset Tracking

New technologies like Asset Management and Tracking Intelligence involve state-of-the-art technologies that aid in smarter decision-making at all business levels while reshaping infrastructure strategies ensuring protection and safety for a variety of company assets with IoT asset tracking system. Asset management solutions from DyoCense will allow you to get real-time visibility of the locations of your mobile and fixed business assets. The instant notifications inform you when assets arrive at delivery destinations, or monitor valuable machinery to ensure your equipment stays on site with real time IoT asset monitoring.

System Overview

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Asset Tracking

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1. Asset tracking with GPS device

Asset tracking with GPS device will send latitude and longitude details to the cloud. Asset Manager, Technician or Fuel Tank Operator and backend team can easily locate assets using mobile app or portal.

2. Gateways

All gateways will connect with IIoT cloud platform to sync information’s and persist in the database for different analytics and reporting.

3. Web application

Web application which can be accessed by different personas like backend, accounting and service providers for different levels of dashboards and reports.

4. IoT enabled cloud

IoT enabled cloud will have advanced features to manage roles, users and assets. Also provides advanced rule engines, reporting & other analytics.


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Key And/Or Critical Assets Including
Machineries, Equipment, Ambulances,
Patients, Instruments And More

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Industrial Assets

Construction Equipment,
Fleets Of Trucks, Service Vehicles,
Trailers, Generators And Cars

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Industrial Automation

Water Meters, Offshore Drills
And Oil & Gas Tanks

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Shipping and Logistics

Shipping, Containers
And Goods


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Import/Export Assets
And Mapping Them To
The Tracking Device

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Customizable Fields, Categories, Tagging Assets For Easy Search

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Mapping Assets To Specific Zones And Tracking Events Based
On Threshold Config

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Quick Search, Live Tracking And Data Aggregations

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Different Level Of
Reports With Export Functionalities

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Easy Cloud Or On-Prem Deployment

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Offer New Service To Customers Such As Proactively Replenishing Parts Or Supplies

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Extract Real-Time Information To Make Smarter Business Decisions

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Replace Inventory
At The Right Time To Maximize Profitability

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Locate And Identify Any Lost Or Stolen Items For Better Theft Prevention And Recovery

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Monitor Event Alerts
And Take Immediate Action To Reduce Negative Impact


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100% Inventory Accuracy

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30% Reduction In Loss Of Valuable And Returnable Assets

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20% Saving In Labor To Increase Efficiency

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Increase In Inventory Utilization And Reduction In Misuse

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Reduction In Time Locating And
Stock Cycle Counts

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Compliance Through Automated Audits

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