Fastest growing industrial IoT software company

DyoCense is a rapidly-growing IoT company providing enterprise middle-ware and IoT solutions for the digital transformation of industries. As a thought leader in enterprise IoT powered by two brains (Powered by experts in software industry and domain experts from manufacturing industry), DyoCense enables interoperability through industrial-grade platforms. Our software enables comprehensive data analytics and management, empowering businesses to create new solutions and revenue streams with data collected from any device, through any connectivity, throughout any IT ecosystem.


Keep your core. Keep innovating. Find your path to a non disruptive renewal of digital data driven landscape.


Run the business. Not the Risk; Leverage AI, Security Analytics and machine learning to assure customer trust.


Blending data and insights to make predictive action-able decisions. We build analytics-driven platforms to monetize data for our customers


Bridge the gap between physical and digital , with sensors, gateways and edge analytics. We engineer digital first products and offerings to create new revenue streams for our customers.


Design-led transformation (From brand to experience). We apply critical design thinking to create unified digital experience for enhancing customer interactions and building loyalty.

IoT Device Management Made Easy

Manage all of your IoT devices from a single central interface

Register, manage, and operate your devices from a single interface

Send new software updates to exactly the right devices at the right time

Leverage Particle’s Remote Diagnostics to reduce your troubleshooting time

Product Connection

Dyocense is a unique platform that reinvents how smart devices are used. We provide users more control and flexibility over their devices with IoT smart technology.

Smart Maintenance

We have industry experts to manage from technical support, cloud and security management, to regulatory compliance we are everything a client need in IoT.

IoT Ecosystem

Our admin panels and cloud dashboards are easy to use and provide you with full control over your devices and
data without any hassle.

Research and Development

Dyocense makes your home, farm, or industry smart and efficient. Our IoT Services provides real-time information to help you save money, time, and resources.

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Businesses today cross borders and regions, so you need a
service provider that goes where you are.