Refrigeration Monitoring

Serves: Commercial Refrigeration Operations, Maintenance Energy & Safety needs
Offering: Realtime Monitoring

Super Market Refrigeration Challenges

No unified solution that provides predictiveness before something goes wrong

No Real time & out of hour monitoring

There is no mechanism to notify in real time when the refrigerator temperature goes out of allowed range.

Errors because of manual checks

There will be challenges with skilled manpower. High chances of human and data entry error.

Lack of predictive maintenance

There is no mechanism to discover problems with refrigerators before the equipment failure happens.

No centralized Dashboard and Reporting

Centralized ease to use automated reports for the regulatory compliance audits.

Food Safety, Energy Efficiency and Operations effectiveness

Food Safety

Food safety is a universally important issue. Contaminated food can cause various diseases. if not death in some cases, hence handling and storage of food is strictly controlled and supervised​.

Energy Efficiency

The refrigeration systems in a supermarket account for between 30% and 60% of the electricity consumption. No mechanism to maintain energy performance.


If you’re the owner of a food or beverage retail or manufacturing business, you should already be aware of the importance of having your refrigerators running 24/7. What happens if your refrigerator breaks down over the weekend and you’re not there to take action?

Benefits of DyoCROMES RM

Reduce downtime & risks to your workers, assets, and reputation.

24/7 remote autonomous management

No human involvement required to resolve minor issues saves time and finances.
monitor out of hour monitoring.

Immediate Response

Systems are triggered right away in case of any abnormalities and reacts before any serious damage is caused.
Reduction in errors from manual checks.


From a single fridge, freezer or cold room to multiple facilities, located anywhere in the world.
Increase efficiency by reducing the time spent manually checking and recording temperature.

Audit Logs

Access to real-time and audit-ready reports.
Increase efficiency by reducing the time spent manually checking and recording temperature.

Introducing DyoCROMES RM

How DyoCROMES RM works

We are merging the physical and digital worlds to provide actionable metrics to every person in the business.



Any manufacturer refrigerator controller in shop floor​. Refrigiration systems from any manufacturer with controller like ABB, Siemens, Micro Thermo, Emerson and Danfoss etc.​


Dyo Edge

Highly reliable and secured DyoCense IoT Edge ​. Easily installable Dyo Edge captures data from any manufacturer refrigeration systems and sends data to cloud in secured way.​


IoT Platform​

Highly scalable and secured multi tenant IoT platform​. Secured, centralized cloud to process, store and run algorithms round the clock.​



Access actionable insights through web & mobile app​. DyoCense gives decision makers the exact information needed for critical decisions in real-time, regardless of where the users are. ​


Know issues in real time & take actions​. Operational users can Visualize, diagnose, and predict problems in real time. Also can be integrated with service providers for truck rolls.​

Technical Architecture

Full stack end to end value proposition

Refrigeration Technical architecture

Why to choose our DyoCROMES RM?

Enabling different technologies to integrate/interoperate to gain competitive advantages

Refrigerator uptime

Uptime : 40% improvement
Predictive and proactive actionable insights to improve uptime of the refrigerator across the sites

Optimal Performance

Energy costs : 20% reduction
Maintain optimal energy utilizations of the refrigerator across the sites using remote retail refrigerator monitoring.

Service Expense

Service Cost : 25% reduction
Reduce the service expenses with autonomous actionable insights from the refrigerator system

Setup Time

Time to setup : couple of hours
Connect to any manufacturer refrigerator controller to provide unified operational experience in less time.

IT & OT Integration

A unified way to transition IT & OT kingdoms into unified Digital Platform

Business and Operational Excellence

Executing a business strategy more effectively and consistently using Fleet data-driven insights.

Our Digital Solution Approach

Unique approach connecting experts, systems and users to provide real-time insights.