DyoCense -
Smart Factory Machine Monitoring

Benefits of Smart Equipment's

Reduce downtime & risks to your workers, assets and reputation.


Reduce design-to- market time (20%–50%)
Optimize assembly processes (10%–20%)


Improve proactive servicing (up to 20%)
Just-in-time delivery variation (<5%)

Material Flow

Reduce inventory cost (10%–20%)
Reduce returns/ rejections (3%–5%).

Quality & HSE

Lower cost of quality (10%–20%)
Lessen reportable incidents (up to 10%)


Reduce downtime (30%–50%)
Lower maintenance costs (10%–40%)


Improve yields (3%–5%)
Lessen time to deploy new hires (10%–15%)
Reduce setup and cycle time (5%–15%)

Business & Operational Excellence

Executing a business strategy more effectively and consistently using smart equipment’s.

Automation to Digitalization

Full stack end to end value proposition

Connecting Physical and Digital Worlds

We are merging the physical and digital worlds to provide actionable metrics to every user in the business.

Smart Factory Solution Approach

Smart Production Solutions. Optimize productivity, quality, risk management & sustainability with smart manufacturing.

Platform Overview

The DyoCense IoT platform offers you all the building blocks required to build your solution for the business problem

Solution – Realtime Production Data

Production Floor Data Collection

Collected data from different machine controls and machine operators for the entire production floor across the locations using Dyocense edge.

Production Floor Visibility

Real-time dashboards mounted on the production floor provided an at-a-glance indication if jobs were performing at or below expectations, enabling enhanced job-scheduling. Operator touchscreens were mounted at each machine, empowering operators to meet production goals and track machine setup/downtime.

Analytical Reporting & Predictions

Analytics reporting enabled managers to not only track efficiency and quickly identify production bottlenecks related to specific machining operations, but also helped measure the effect of process improvements.

Benefits Realized

Real-time machine data visibility

Predictive Alerts & Notifications

Improved Operator Efficiency

Reduced production waste for increased profits

Sample screens from Platform