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Fleet Data-Driven Insights

Introducing a unique Driver App. Designed to help you optimize your ROI !

Save Dollars with DyoFleet

  • Effective idle management is one of the biggest opportunities for fleets to lower operational costs. While
    APU hardware enables idle reduction, driver behavior ultimately is responsible for engine idling.
  • DyoFleet app provides a valuable tool to help drive superior performance on some of your fleets most
    important metrics such as driver idling, MPG and emissions.
  • DyoFleet provides drivers visibility to their current and historical performance metrics along with
    performance ranking within their peer group.
  • Fleet specific tips and training materials are available at the driver’s fingertips to promote a continuous improvement mentality.
  • Reporting and analytics capability provide valuable insights to fleet management so your team can focus on rewarding top performers & coaching poor performers.


DyoFleet’s Hybrid APU solution delivers the industry’s leading value proposition. Designed to work in concert with the truck, the system’s uninterrupted operation provides the driver with a safe, comfortable environment no matter how long the stop or severe the conditions. With custom OEM configurations and operational parameters set to fleet needs, no other battery or diesel APU can match DyoFleet’s performance and return on investment.

Is driver behavior driving up your costs?

Back end analytics aren’t enough – DyoFleet provides a ready made integrated environment so fleets can understand driver behavior and encourage them to improve. The driver facing DyoFleet app provides your drivers with real time performance metrics and encourages them to improve their performance with peer rankings and tips for improvement. Back end analytics help identify drivers that need support and the DyoFleet environment helps both the driver and driver manager come up with actionable plans for improvement. Save Dollars with DyoFleet

Engagement is crucial for improving driver behavior

DyoFleet provides an easy launch pad for custom driver incentive programs to promote driver engagement. DyoFleet will also track fleet emissions output acting as an independent record keeper to verify your fleet’s commitment to sustainability. Further, DyoFleet shows drivers that improved behavior can lessen their impact on the environment and that they can be a positive force for change!

Features + Benefits

Simple GUI

Home page provides key
driver stats at a glance


Historic performance helps
drivers track their progress

Tips & Videos

​These can be customized to fit
the needs of your fleet.

Ranking & Rewards

Top and bottom
performers at glance


Drill down to the specifics of
the fleet or an individual

Drivers point of view

Path mapping helps explain
driver performance

Few operational changes yield the breath of benefits associated with effective idle control. Low idle improves total MPG reducing fuel expense, reduces wear & tear on truck engines and reduces carbon emission footprint. DyoFleet’s comprehensive approach to idle management will enable your fleet to achieve the lowest cost and highest degree of sustainability

Driver Engagement Is Key to Effectively Controlling Operational Costs

DyoFleet enables fleets to engage with drivers, keep them informed, encourage them to improvement and, most importantly, make them feel like they are part of the solution!