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Energy Monitoring

Its important organizations know about how they use energy, where they use it, and what drives their energy use.

Why Energy Monitoring

The key is measuring and benchmarking the energy of organizations will have opportunities to increase profitability by lowering energy and operating costs​

In commercial real estate, decreasing energy costs by 0 percent is equivalent to increasing net operating income by 4 percent.

In the healthcare industry, each dollar that a hospital saves in energy costs is comparable to generating new revenues of $ 0.

In the supermarket retail industry, a 10 percent reduction in energy costs is equivalent to increasing sales per square foot by $70.

What are the Opportunities

There are many services we can offer to organizations, auditors and equipment providers based on the key performance indicators.

Service Offerings

We can customize different services as offering to deliver to service providers and consumers.

Why Dyocense

The Dyocense platform can establish an ecosystem where facilities, energy professionals, electric companies, facility owners, and government bodies can bring together to improve energy utilization.

Energy Monitoring Solution Concept


Analyse the facility energy consumption using Dyocense analytic platform

Electricity Trends

Gas Trends

Combined Gas & Electricity Trends

Budget Estimator

Energy usage breakdown


Compare multiple facility’s with KWh / Sq.ft. consumption and derive the median value


Compare energy cost with heating degree days and cooling degree days


Compare energy cost multiple facilities across year and derive at pattern consumption cost


Tracking electricity consumption will represent the pattern of consumption through out the year

Open & Closed Hours

Compare energy consumption and closed hours for easy identification of energy wastage


Seasonal Consumption to identify energy consumption in each season

Demand Heat Map

Demand heat map will give the insights on demand per every hour over a month

Gas Consumption

Gas consumption will give us insights on gas consumption for particular  months in two years


MCP gas trend will give us insights about monthly energy consumption compared with HDD and CDD

Monthly Gas Cost

Monthly gas cost will provide insights on gas consumption cost over period of time

Combined Energy

Combined energy graph will provide us insights on gas and electricity consumption

Combined Cost Consumption

This will provide us insights on electricity and gas cost percentage

Combined Consumption Composition

This will provide us insights on electricity and gas cost percentage

Combined Monthly Cost

Combined monthly coast trend allow us compare the consumption in KBTU

Combined EUI

Electrical usage intensity combined allow us to compare gas and electricity consumption

Usage Breakdown

Usage breakdown allow us to compare the percentage of energy consumed by each appliance


With trend graph will give insights on daily usage, temperature, consumption over two years

Electricity Usage

Electricity usage will provide last day, last week, last 30 days energy consumption insights


Compare energy consumption in three different dates

Weekly Weekend

With weekly trend we derive consumption at week days and weekends

Budget Estimator Graph

Budget estimator graph allow us to forecast the budget for future years with prediction factor as input