DyoCense -
Fuel Monitoring

DyoCense Fuel Monitoring is a perfect solution to prevent fuel theft, diesel tank drain & sets monitoring

Fuel monitoring architecture

Asset, which is remotely located and operated with diesel or petrol. This asset will be managed with identical serial number in the cloud system for tracking.

RFID Reader, which is used to detect RFID Tag on the asset and send signal to Gateway to switch on pump for filling diesel or petrol after validating asset

Flow Meter, will measures the diesel or petrol which flows to the asset and measurement details will be sent to the gateway for further analysis.

Fuel Tanker, which will carries diesel or petrol to the remote asset for refill will have gateway with pump, flow meter and RFID reader attached.

IoT enabled cloud will have advanced features to manage roles, users and assets. Also provides advanced rule engines, reporting & other analytics.

RFID Tag, which is used to identify Asset uniqueness when operator come to fill diesel or petrol.

Fuel Truck Operator will come near to asset to refill diesel or petrol into the tank. When operator shows fuel filling gun against the tank, RFID reader on the gun detect tag and sends signal to control. Control switches pump “On” and operator fills diesel into the tank.

Pump will used to pump diesel or petrol from fuel tank to the remote asset, this pump will switched On or Off based on the RFID tag validation by Gateway.

Gateways will connect with IIoT cloud platform to sync information’s and persist in the database for different analytics and reporting.

Web application which can be accessed by different personas like backend, accounting and service providers for different levels of dashboards and reports.