DyoCense -
Digital Twins

Along with IoT, apply advanced analytics and machine learning to reduce operational costs and risks.

Who We Are?

Domain, Automation and Technology experts who translate vision into reality


Bridge the gap between physical and digital , with sensors, gateways and edge analytics. We engineer digital first products and offerings to create new revenue streams for our customers.


We  apply critical design thinking to create unified digital experience for enhancing customer interactions and building loyalty.


Blending data and insights to make predictive action-able decisions. We build analytics-driven platforms to monetize data for our customers.

Models of Physical Environments

Digital Twins can be enabled on top of Internet of Things (IoT) platforms to create a digital representation of real-world things, assets and business processes. Gain insights that help you drive better products, optimize operations and costs and create breakthrough customer experiences

Simulate, Visualize & Monitor

Combine disparate data into a federated environment that reflects current conditions and predicts future conditions for inspections, reporting, and insights.

Improve Decisions. Get Results

Improve the level and quality of services delivered internally and externally.

Outcomes of Digital Twins

Simulate, Predict & Improve


Increased reliability in less than two years


Reduced reactive maintenance in less than 1 year


Reduced time to achieve outcomes.


Avoid in lost production by detecting and preventing failures

Benefits of Digital Twins

Great return on investment, with useful operational insights from a unified picture of your asset’s operations

Increased reliability & availability

Monitor, simulate and control an asset, process or network as an effective strategy to improve system performance

Lower maintenance costs

Predict issues before breakdowns occur, order parts, and schedule repairs at times that don’t impact production goals

Improved production

Ensure product quality with insight into the performance of assets and processes in real-time to influence and react to customization and minimize impact on supply chain.

Faster-time-to -value

Leverage industry expertise, easy-to-use tools, and the most complete Blueprint catalogue that provide the analytics and real-time capabilities that industry needs.

Digital Twin Solutions

Asset Digital Twin

Lower Operations and Maintenance Costs

Network Digital Twin

Connected view of the end-to-end network of assets

Process Digital Twin

‘the best way’ to run a process in a given environment


Platform Architecture