Discrete manufacturing

What if your factory could talk back to you—predicting breakdowns before they happen, or alerting you when quality slips?

With DyoCense cloud development platform, your factory can communicate with you in real-time—sharing powerful insights through clean dashboards and triggering custom alerts.

DyoCense In Action : Smart Manufacturing Solutions

DyoCense makes it easy to connect your hardware to our cloud and monitor, visualize, and act on incoming data and analytics.


Bridge the gap between physical and digital , with sensors, gateways and edge analytics. We engineer digital first products and offerings to create new revenue streams for our customers.


Design-led transformation (From brand to experience). We apply critical design thinking to create unified digital experience for enhancing customer interactions and building loyalty.


The IIoT is helping industries like energy, oil & gas, logistics, and manufacturing lower production costs and improve efficiency thanks to real-time data and insights with decision making.

Get Ahead With Cloud-Based Application And Insights

In today’s fast-paced global manufacturing ecosystems inefficiencies like downtime, spoiled resources, and energy waste stifle productivity. Smart Factory integrators look to DyoCense for resourceful sensor data collection, analaytics, and visualization of the IIoT and Cloud applications to identify and track machine failpoints and energy savings.

Asset Monitoring And Maintenance

Volume, Pressure, Temp, Humidity and Air Quality Sensor Monitoring.
Collect key performance indicators from sensors data and compare with digital and historical analytics to deliver insights to the right people at the right time.

Energy Management

Voltage, Temperature, Fans, Pumps Sensor Monitoring and Analytics.
Manage the distribution of energy based on real-time data with situational awareness. Add digital analytics to automatically balance energy loads, reduce machine stress, and prevent overheating.

Industrial Automation

Trigger Events and Alerts Based on Real-Time Information.
Use IoT protocols or parse IP Networks to connect anything in a plant to DyoCense to share information across multiple locations, automate workflows, and optimize production systems all without human intervention.

Supply Chain Optimization

RFID tracking and Preventative Maintenance Scheduling.
Use cloud enabled sensors to track and report locations and conditions of parts or raw materials. Feeding the data into a larger ERP system to perform real-time accounting functions and production projections.