DyoCense - Cylinder Tracking
Problem Statement

  • The gas cylinders for the commercial use, will be reaching to the actual customer though multiple hops starting from the filling stations.
  • There is no effective tracking present to trace the cylinder during this process.
  • Need a solution to prevent misuse or unauthorized usage of the cylinders.

Solution Proposal

Solution using RFID

How it works?

RFID for gas cylinders
  • Every stage in the cylinder movement will be recorded into the system using RFID tracking.
  • An RFID tag will be attached to each cylinder.
  • We could employ RFID reader gates or handheld scanners, depending on the volume of cylinders processed at any location.
  • RFID reader gates will be able to track the cylinders going through them and record into our cloud system by using an IOT Gateway.
  • An IOT gateway can support up-to 6 RFID reader gates in a location.
  • RFID handheld scanners will be equipped with 3G/4G/5G technology to send the tracking details to the cloud system.
  • Cloud system is capable of sending real time alerts, geo-fencing notifications, delivery notifications, booking confirmations etc.
  • Analytical reports are helpful in measuring the performance of the overall system as well as each individual parties. (Eg: Quickest distributor, More number of deliveries, etc.)

Application Architecture

RFID Architecture


  • Real time tracking of cylinders (*based on the scan frequency)
  • KPI reports
  • Alerts for delay in delivery
  • Alerts for successful delivery
  • Alerts for missing cylinder
  • Alerts for invalid delivery attempts
  • Real time rule engine
  • Analytical rule engine
  • SMS/Email/WhatsApp integrations
  • API ready design
  • Cyber secure and Trusted platform.
  • End to End encrypted data transfer.