Asset managing in phone and laptop
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Asset Management And Tracking
New technologies like Asset Management and Tracking Intelligence involve state-of-the-art technologies that aid in smarter decision-making
Climate monitoring
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Climate Monitoring
Perishable goods will often need to travel thousands of miles via land, sea, and air to reach their final destination, putting enormous pressure on trucking
A man monitoring machine
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Smart Factory Machine Monitoring
DyoCense has simplified IoT for the shop floor. Our fully automated machine monitoring & OEE solution provides visualization of real-time manufacturing
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OEE(Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
DyoCense OEE is a production monitoring solution with follow-up and optimization which shows how effectively your production is running
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Smart Factory Machine Health
DyoCense Machine Health is a predictive analytics application that allows maintenance teams to monitor and manage equipment health in real-time
Automated robots building a car in factory
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IOT For Smart Manufacturing
With DyoCense cloud development platform, your factory can communicate with you in real-time—sharing powerful insights through clean dashboards