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Fleet Data-Driven Insights

Introducing a unique Driver App. Designed to help you optimize your ROI !


Fleet Fuel Management, Fleet Maintenance and Fleet Benchmarking

Fuel Management

Biggest challenge fleet’s are facing today is cost saving challenges for increasing fuel costs. Fluctuations in market price and the external factors that influence prices

Fleet Maintenance

Predict vehicle failovers and prioritise maintenance tasks early on to help prevent vehicle wear and reduce downtime, maximising vehicle utilization.

Fleet Benchmarking

Rank fleet to others of similar size, location and driving pattern, in order to gain fleet specific recommendations, find new efficiencies and identify strategic savings opportunities.

Fleet Management Challenges

No unified solution that provides real time Fleet fuel monitoring, Fleet Maintenance and Fleet Benchmarking

No fleet driving patterns data

There is no mechanism to capture  and store driving patterns to set unique fleet goals and then make necessary improvements.

No data-driven insights

There is no centralized way to capture data from the all the fleets with similar size, location and driving pattern, in order to gain fleet specific recommendations

Lack of predictive maintenance

There is no mechanism to discover problems with vehicle before they break down.

No centralized Dashboard and Reporting

Centralized ease to use automated reports for all business users including drivers.

Benefits of Data Driven Insights

Reduce downtime & risks to your workers, assets and reputation.

Idle Percentage

Percentage of engines hours spent idling,  indicator of APU system usage effectiveness.

Metric specific performance

Enhancing tips & prompts for continuous improvement.

Aggregated historical performance

Metrics for self review.

Total MPG

Total fuel consumption measurement, including idle,  primary fuel usage metric.

Driving MPG

Fuel consumption measurement while driving, key  driving behavior metric.

Driving Engine Hours

Productive engine hours, asset utilization measurement.

Operational status & support

Information for quick problem resolution.

How DyoFleet works

We are merging the physical and digital worlds to provide actionable metrics to every person in the business.



Any manufacturer vehicle in the field. Vehicles from any manufactures.


Dyo Edge

Highly reliable and secured Dyocense IoT Edge. Easily installable Dyo Edge captures data from any vehicle and sends data to cloud in secured way.​


IoT Platform​

Highly scalable and secured multi tenant IoT platform. Secured, centralized cloud to process, store and run algorithms round the clock.



Access actionable insights through web & mobile app. DyoCense gives decision makers the exact information needed for critical decisions in real-time, regardless of where the users are.


Know issues in real time & take actions. Operational users can Visualize, diagnose, and predict problems in real time. Also can be integrated with service providers for regular maintenance.

Introducing DyoFleet

Fleet Data-Driven Insight solution

Operational Technology Architecture

Full stack end to end value proposition

IT & OT Integration

A unified way to transition IT & OT kingdoms into unified Digital Platform

Business and Operational Excellence

Executing a business strategy more effectively and consistently using Fleet data-driven insights.

Our Digital Solution Approach

Unique approach connecting experts, systems and users to provide real-time insights.

Why to choose our DyoFleet?

Enabling different technologies to integrate/interoperate to gain competitive advantages

Promotes idle reduction

Creates competitive environment

Encourages MPG improvement

Skills enhancement

Business Users Metrics

Key performance indicators optimize fleet operations




Driver & Fleet Management

Driver Metrics

Key performance indicators to improve driving behavior

Performance Metrics


Tips to Improve